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This page contains some general information about me.

My full name is Gideon Jozua Kotzé and I was born in Empangeni, South Africa, on the 9th of June, 1981. My mother tongue is Afrikaans, but I have near-native fluency in English as well. I also speak Dutch relatively well; German somewhat less although conversations are not too difficult. I have also learned some French at university. In high school I have also learned some Xhosa*, which is the mother tongue of the late great Nelson Mandela and the second most spoken mother tongue language in South Africa, after Zulu. It has been a while though and I intend to brush up my conversational skills at some point in the near future.

*(Note on the current naming conventions of South African languages.)

I have always been interested in languages: how to learn them, how they differ, how they are the same, how they are structured, how they can be used and misused, what statistics tell us about them, how politics treat them and those who speak them, as well as all the various interactions between them and our minds.

Since around 2004 or so I have seen how powerful and interesting the interface between language and computing can be. Hence my interest in computational linguistics! More specifically, my interests expand to disciplines such as corpus linguistics, lexicography, machine translation, manual and automatic bitext alignment, digitisation, syntactic parsing, and automated or semi-automated lexical database construction (especially wordnets).

The fact remains that most languages are regarded as under-resourced, especially in the digital domain. Most languages of the eleven official languages in South Africa would be classified as such. There is enough reason to believe that the digital growth of a language can have a positive effect on the economic growth of its language communities, which in turn may lead to greater prosperity for the country in general. I hope that my work on building and researching language resources and technologies will at least make a tiny contribution to this noble cause.

Some other personal interests

  • Playing around with software (natural language processing, operating systems, games mods, etc.)
  • Keeping up on current events, including the world of science.
  • Following research, opinion pieces and debates on the impact of human activities on the progression of the human race and the preservation of our biosphere, specifically the impact of politics and the economy.
  • Following social media (often out of morbid curiosity).
  • Sports, mostly tennis and cricket, although I really enjoyed South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup in 2019.
  • PC games.
  • Reading fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy.
  • Playing online chess (feel free to challenge me!).
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Rating: 1994

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